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Vatican Hires North American Man/Boy Love Association To Improve Image

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(Freshrant)  Upon news leaking the Vatican’s hiring of NAMBLA, the controversial North American Man/Boy Love Association, a cardinal cloistered within the Vatican commented, “We just wanted to know what NAMBLA’s secret was after learning they had scored higher in public favorability ratings than the Catholic Church.  After all, we love secrets, and wanted NAMBLA to tell us theirs.  Of course, once they tell us, we’ll never tell.”

The cardinal, wearing a fake beard and red baseball cap, said he did not wish to be identified, continued, “We want the public to understand priests don’t sexually discriminate.  We’re not just into forced man on boy sex.   To that end (pun intended) we have also contacted the Male Prostitute Association of America to learn what they have done with their organization to be so successful in avoiding scandal.  We will pay them well, and after all, one is never too old to learn a few tricks, you know,” chortled the red robed rouge.


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