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Saudi King Orders Reinforcement Of Kingdom’s Sewer Drains

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(Riyadh)  Saudi King Abdullah has just announced a massive public works project involving fortification of all the kingdom’s sewer drains.  Fortification plans include an upgrade of security within the drains while adding “the installation of luxurious housing for several thousand members of the king’s family.”

Syrian President Bashar Assad has reportedly already booked a large suite upon completion of the project, with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lobbying for the addition of a hospice wing.

Members of the Saudi Royal Household would offer no further comment regarding the massive rebuilding effort, but thousands of Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers could be seen frantically rebuilding storm drains in many of the nation’s low-lying areas.   What the risk will be to large populations living within flood prone areas if all the country’s sewer drains are closed is not yet known, but the king’s representatives gave assurances that environmental impact studies would be done after completion of the project.

The Saudi Royal Household followed up the announcement of the huge rebuilding effort with a one sentence statement, that in addition to the Saudi King’s title of “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,” he would be “henceforth known as ‘Keeper of Sewers and All Vermin That Lie Within.'”

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