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Lohan Arrives On Time Without Crashing Car

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(  Lindsey Lohan shocked cast and crew on the set of Lifetime’s “The Real Jayne Mansfield Story” showing up on time after passing through studio security free of drugs, alcohol or stolen furniture.

Director Harry Schlonz expressed delight that Lohan showed up on time for hair and make-up.  “We are looking forward to our first productive day with Lindsey,” said the elated director of Lohan’s last star turn, “Porsche, Driving Fully Loaded.”

Correction:  Dina Lohan, Lindsey Lohan’s mother, was mistaken for Lindsey Lohan in this story.  Dina Lohan was found in her daughter’s dressing room “rummaging for Sudafed” before being removed by studio security. deeply regrets the error.


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