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Bush Confuses Kayne West With Country Singer Conway West

(New York)  During an interview with NBC Today Show host, Matt Lauer, former President George W. Bush said the biggest disappointment of his presidency was not a statement made by hip-hop artist Kanye West saying, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” but country singer, Conway West, saying, “George Bush doesn’t care about Iraq people.”

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“Conway West is one of my peeps, both of us being country and all, so naturally I couldn’t figure out why he would be complaining about me not caring about Iraq people,” said the thoroughly confused former president.

Lauer quickly interrupted Bush, showing a tape of Kanye West apologizing for his statement about Bush not caring black people, not Iraq people.

Responding to what Kanye West had to say about Bush’s slow response to Katrina,  “Well that’s just nuts.  I mean, look at Colon and Condi.  Heck, maybe those of the darker skinned persuasion didn’t vote for me, but I had some of the best colored hired help money can buy.”

Digging himself deeper, Bush continued, “I guess no one dared tell me about what that rapper said since no one told me much about that Katrina rainstorm anyway.  Heck, everybody knows it’s not true I don’t care about black people.  It’s poor people, white and black, who I don’t really give a hang about.

Now I suppose the rabid press will take that last comment out of context and use it against me like they did when I once joked at a black-tie fundraiser, “This is an impressive crowd — the haves and the have mores.  Some people call you the elite — I call you my base.  Heh.  Heh.  Heh,”  chuckled Bush, his shoulders rising and falling rapidly whenever he’s feeling his oats.

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Before leaving the Today Show set, Bush was asked if there wasn’t anything else he regretted about his eight years in office.

“Well, I wish I could take back that dang Mission Accomplished banner.  But then, I want the American people to know it’s not about me.  Now buy my book.”

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